Monday, January 26, 2015

"Home is Where the Mom Is" New Look and "Blogging From A to Z Challenge"

Writing and publishing "Home is Where the Mom Is" is one of the most satisfying accomplishments in my life (so far!) besides giving birth to and raising my wonderful children. I'd always dreamed of being an author and holding a copy of the book in my hands is the third most thrilling moment in my life; holding Cody for the first time on Nov. 18, 1991 and Morgan for the first time on Dec. 28th, 1993 are THE MOST thrilling moments of course!  

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But it's time for a change! When I wrote "Home is where the Mom Is" Cody and Morgan were just in grade school! Now Cody has graduated from COLLEGE! (I know, I can hardly believe it myself!) Morgan is a junior at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, Colorado. 

It's time to update "Home is Where the Mom Is" and make it more reader friendly--especially more busy-mom-reader-friendly. I've had a lot of "mom experiences" since I wrote "Home is Where the Mom Is" and I've talked with so many moms about their experiences in mothering, and I want to share what I've learned. Being a parent is not an easy task at this time in the world, especially a Christian mom raising kids with faith. However, doing this is the most important job moms will ever have. 

Being a mom is still the best experience in my life and I'm so thankful for the blessing of my kids! And I am passionate about encouraging moms in their calling of raising kids. I will never, ever  regret the time I spent with my kids, and I want to encourage other moms to enjoy and cherish every moment of their time with their kids, too, and share a few of the things I (and my mom friends) have learned along the way. 

As I update "Home is Where the Mom Is," the format of the book will change to make it easier to read in the brief moments moms have between their tasks of the day. I plan to write most of it in the form of "life-hacks"; here's what Google says about a "Life Hack"

  1. a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way.
  2. --------------------------

Much of the revised, improved "Home is Where the Mom Is" , will be in the form of lists of bullet points that will give readers easy-to-use, "real life" tips and hints to care for themselves as moms, and manage their family, and their home. 

And that's where the Blogging from A to Z Challenge comes in. During the month of April I will be posting excerpts from the updated and revised "Home is Where the Mom Is; Lifehacks for Christian Moms." I'll be posting a new hack every day, Monday through Saturday, with the entry for each day beginning with the next letter of the alphabet; April first will be "A", April 2nd will be "B", and so on. During April you'll get to sample 26 of the more than 100 lifehacks in "Home is Where the Mom Is; Lifehacks for Christian Moms" and on May 1st the entire book will be available for download! Sign up in the right-hand column of this blog to receive e-mail updates of every post! 

And if you'd like more encouragement, click over to Nebraska Family Times , the monthly regional newspaper of which I'm the editor and publisher. Our mission at the "Nebraska Family Times"  is "to inspire, encourage and motivate readers in their Christian walk." 

I pray that in all of my work with my book, newspaper, blogs and Facebook pages, I touch the hearts of readers, encourage them, and show them God's love and peace. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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