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Home is Where the Mom Is covers a wide range of issues relevant to moms, including sensitive topics like maintaining your relationship with your husband, getting along with difficult family members, ending unhealthy friendships, and finances. Home is Where the Mom Is will show you how to make decisions based upon Christian principles and what you know about your own one-of-a-kind family.  

Part 1, Taking Care of Yourself, outlines the importance of taking time to care for yourself, and gives you ideas of what to do with that time so you will be refreshed, renewed, and ready again to care for your families.

Part 2, Taking Care of Others, covers relationships with the most important people in your life; your husband, children, family, extended family, and friends.

Part 3, Organizing Your Life, will give you many suggestions, hints, and tips you can use as you manage your home and life.

Do you wonder how you're doing as a mom, as a wife, as a friend? Unique to Home is Where the Mom Is  is a goal-setting section, outlining the steps to setting realistic, measurable goals that you will meet, and suggested goals at the end of each chapter. At the end of each chapter you'll also find Bible verses fitting that chapter, and at the end of the book is an extensive list of resources and references that includes books, magazines, and websites.

Home is Where the Mom Is
 A Christian Mom's Guide to Caring for Herself, Her Family, and Her Home
Table of Contents

Dedication and Thanks
Before You Read This Book...
     Setting Goals


Chapter One; Caring for Your Spirit~He wants You; Your Spirit and the Devil~Faith and Values~Developing a Personal Relationship with God~Spirit Busters~ Spirit Boosters~Goals~Additional Bible Verses

Chapter Two; Caring for Your Mind~Unclog the Brain Drain; Using Your Mind~How can I Complete a Project when I Can't Complete a Thought? Revising Unrealistic Expectations~Using Your Career at Home~How to Say "No" and when to say "Yes"~Getting Through a Bad Day~Be Good to Yourself!~Goals~Additional Bible Verses

Chapter Three; Caring for Your Body~Your Alien Body~Exercise~Nutrition~Food Related Issues~Caving Into Cravings~Eating for Energy~Osteoporosis~You and Your Doctor~Goals~Additional Bible Verses


Chapter Four; Caring for Your Marriage~Maintaining Your Relationship; Being a Wife and Being a Friend~Support Your Spouse~Getting His Support~Don't Lose that Loving Feeling!~If Your Husband Doesn't Belive, or His Faith is Weak~Getting Through Rough Times in Marriage~Goals~Additional Bible Verses

Chapter Five; Caring for Your Children~Developing Values~Goals for Kids~Making Goals for Your Children~Formulating Your Philosophy of Parenting~Developing a Routine~Teaching Kids Life Skills~Crabby Kid Days~Talking With Your Kids~School Success~Involving Your Husband in Your Kids' Lives~Bringing God Into Your Kids' Lives~Enjoying Time with Your Children~Goals~Additional Bible Verses

Chapter Six; Caring for Your Family~Know Your Family~Family Goals~Family Activities~The Art of Negotiation and Compromise~Remembering Memories~Traditions and Rituals~Keep Your Family Healthy~Choosing and Using Your Doctor~Sick Days and Nights~Making the Best Decisions for Your Unique Family~Goals~Additional Bible Verses

Chapter Seven: Caring for Your Extended Family~Extended Family--the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly~Preventing Problems~Dealing with Problems~Goals~Additional Bible Verses

Chapter Eight: Caring for Your Friends~Kinds of Friends~Searching for Treasures; Making Friends~Reach out and Touch a Friend!~Staying in Touch--Give and Take; Advice, Encouragement, Feedback, and Support~Friends in Constant Crisis~When a Friendship Ends~Goals~Additional Bible Verses


Chapter Nine: Caring for Your Time~Time Wasters~Double Duty Tips~55 Things You Can do in Just Five Minutes~Never Run Out~Time for Yourself--Getting It~Time for Yourself--Enjoying It~A Day of Rest~Goals~Additional Bible Verses

Chapter Ten: Organizing Your Days~Plan Your Day~Beat the Morning Blues~Break the Shopping Rules~Making a To-Don't List~When Your Husband is Out of Town~Goals~Additional Bible Verses

Chapter Eleven: Managing Your Home~Housework~Laundry~Cooking~Paperwork and Bills~General Organization Tips~Getting the Kids to Help~Home Improvement~Goals~Additional Bible Verses

Chapter Twelve: Taking Charge of Your Finances~What God Says About Money~Attitudes and Feelings about Money~The Ebb and Flow of Money~Preventing and Solving Financial Problems~Working Toward Financial Security~Making the Transition to At-Home Mom~Giving of Yourself and Your Money~Goals~Additional Bible Verses

A Final Note
Appendix A: Resources and References