Monday, April 7, 2014

Financial Sites and Advice, My Favorite

My Favorite Financial Websites

Dave Ramsey  offers practical financial advice from a Biblical point of view. On his website you’ll find many articles, forms, tools and step-by-step advice so you can start getting control of your finances right away! You can also listen to his radio show and get information for classes (offered through many churches) and live events.

Money Help for Christians is written by Craig Ford, who says on the blog, Each day I’m searching for new discoveries about debt-free living, frugality, generous giving, and simple living.”  The site contains many Bible-based articles as well as the offer of a FREE download of the book “The Bible and 21st Century Finances” when you subscribe to receive free e-mail articles. Several other downloadable books are also available.

Bible Money Matters is  a Christian personal finance blog that helps regular people gain control of their finances and live financially free. Peter Anderson writes about finances, faith and family. Sign up to receive articles by e-mail.

My Favorite Advice ( From experience; I do all of these things) 
  • Save change in a change jar
  • Save dollar bills
  • Use the envelopes system (outlined at Dave Ramsey); I label envelopes with categories of spending (groceries, personal items, gifts, clothing, etc.) and place the budgeted amount of cash in the envelopes every month. When the cash is gone, I don’t spend any more in that category. Using cash makes me very conscious of what I spend and if I really need that item.
  • Avoid going in the store if at all possible, since I inevitably “have to have” more than just that one item. 
  • Shop ahead; I purchase 3-4 deodorants, boxes of cereal, cans of tomato sauce, bags of dog treats, etc. at one time, when I have coupons and they’re on sale. This way I never run out and have to buy when they’re not on sale or I don’t have coupons, and I don’t have to go into the store as often.
  • If I do go in a store for “just one or two things” I do not get a cart! When I have to carry everything I’m much more discerning about what I buy.
  • Make and use my own dishwasher soap and clothing detergent. It is MUCH cheaper than, and works just as well as the much more expensive chemical-filled products!

What are your favorite financial websites and money-saving tips?

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Today’s post is titled “Fall Down” and based on Ecclesiastes 4:9-10


  1. I love Dave Ramsey. I did his Financial Peace course at church. I must admit I am not exercising much of his advice though. It was a learning experience and it got me to change some things, but I definitely need a refresher. I like your tips and I plan to check out the other websites!

    1. Thanks Fancy! If you need some motivation, check out Dave Ramsey's site. And don't give up--any positive changes will make a difference! You'll like the other sites as well. Thank you for commenting!

  2. I'm with you, I've learned a lot from David Ramsey over the years.

    1. I love how he is so encouraging! I learn something every time I check one of these websites. Thanks for commenting!


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