Wednesday, June 6, 2012

School Schedules and Shots, or...The More Things Change...

School Schedules and Shots, or... The More Things Change...

By Shelly Burke, Editor and Publisher, Nebraska Family Times

The more things change, the more they stay the same!

This summer I’ve been thinking of all the things that will change in just a few months, when Morgan goes to college. This week, however, I got to do a few things just one more time.

Morgan set up her first semester schedule with her advisor on Monday. (She got to do it over the phone since we live so far away, so she didn’t get to experience the “fun” of long lines and finding out classes were full.) It was fun to see her excitement at her new schedule and hear about the classes she will be taking. She wishes more of her classes would be in the morning and isn’t thrilled with her math class, but overall is very excited to start in the fall. This reminded me of her excitement (and sometimes the disappointment) after the first day of school during grade school and high school. 

I also set up an appointment for her to get her meningitis shot before she leaves. (This vaccination is for a certain strain of bacterial meningitis that usually occurs where many people live together—like college dorms—and is often very serious and even deadly.) This also reminded me of the many other times I scheduled shots for her—while she was a baby, before kindergarten, before 7th grade, and now before college. I felt like a “mean mom” when I took either child in for shots—they were usually happy and as babies, unsuspecting of what was going to take place.

Morgan, however, is not the least bit nervous about this shot…I will be there to hold her hand if she wants me to though.

I wonder if she’ll let me go shopping for school supplies with her? I’ll be sure to pick out a big box of crayons! 

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