Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stormy Thoughts and Stormy Skies...and God's Promise

All of these pictures were taken outside of our home
this afternoon. The rainbow was much more
beautiful in "real life"! 

Stormy Thoughts and Stormy Skies…and 
God’s Promise

By Shelly Burke, Editor and Publisher, Nebraska Family Times, and author, Home is Where the Mom Is

As I pulled weeds this afternoon I had stormy thoughts. Too many friends are facing serious health problems and personal difficulties. I heard news that promises turmoil in my own family’s life over the next few months. There’s no way around these problems; our friends and our family will just have to go through them.

This afternoon we had a nice, much-needed rain shower. After the shower I went outside to see where the storm was moving. I was awed to see one of the most beautiful double rainbows I’ve ever seen. It stretched all the way across the sky and I could see the whole thing, which is very unusual.

Seeing the rainbow reminded me of God’s promise to Noah, as he and his family came out of the ark after the flood.

And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making
 between me and you…Whenever I bring clouds over the earth
and the rainbow appears in the clouds…I will remember my covenant
 between me and you…Never again will the waters become
 a flood to destroy all life.” Genesis 9:12-14

My friends and family and I are not facing a literal flood, of course. But the circumstances in each of our lives could be devastating. I was reminded of God’s promises to each of us; that He will walk beside us through any and all of the troubles we experience. That He is only a prayer away. And that, at the end of our lives, no matter how stormy, as believers we will spend eternity with Him! 

Thank You, Lord, for reminding me of Your promises to each of us. We are not alone; You are always with us. 


  1. I love rainbows, and you're right, they are always so much more awesome in real life than in a photo! So glad for the promises of God--when the storms of life hit, sometimes it's the only thing we can do is hold on to them and know that no matter what, God promises to be with us.

  2.'s so reassuring to know that we can always hold on to God's promises during scary times.


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