Thursday, April 19, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge "Some Days I just want to Quit"

Some Days I just want to Quit

The coffee cup sticky note with
Col. 3:23-24 written on it.
I also keep notes my kids write
me and one of my favorite
pictures of Morgan on my
bulletin board. 
Sometimes I just want to quit.

I can keep up (for the most part) with the laundry and cooking and dishes, but it’s the added stresses that almost do me in some days.

The troubled relationships. The money worries. Wondering what’s going to happen in a week, in a month, in a year. The list of sick friends and relatives that just keeps getting longer and longer. Troubled friends. Families mourning the loss of a loved one. The list of things I want to do…and the list of things I actually get done. The things that just seem to take so much longer than they should.

When I become overwhelmed I try to remember to look at my bulletin board, on which I have a sticky note in the shape of a coffee cup. When I helped with a women’s retreat last year the leader asked me to write encouraging verses on the coffee sticky notes (the theme of the retreat was “My Overflowing Cup” so everything was coffee-themed) We placed the sticky notes around the rooms that the retreat took place in so others could see them and be encouraged.

The sticky note on my bulletin board reminds me, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:23-24

Then I remember—I’m not here on earth for myself; I’m here to do the Lord’s work. I need to let Him take care of everything else (especially the things I can’t do anything about…like most of them). He knows about my troubled relationships. He knows about our money worries. He hears my prayers. He knows every single one of the people who are ill, or mourning, or suffering in any way. He knows every single need I have, and every need of every member of my family.

My job is to work for Him. The day will come when I receive my inheritance from Him, and none of the stresses and strains and worries on earth will matter one little bit. And the time I spend wanting to quit will be a millisecond compared to living in heaven with Him for all eternity.

Suddenly, I don’t want to quit any more.

Thank You, Lord, for reminding me that what I do isn’t for me, but for you. Please bless me as I work today. Please lead and guide me in my work for You. Amen.  

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  1. Ohhh I so relate to this. Thank you for posting. The perpetual undoneness (like laundry, bills, consistency in parenting) is hard to battle on my own. That verse is great fuel to keep my tank filled. Thank you for posting!

  2. Good post! I need to post that verse on sticky notes all over the house to remind myself. Thanks!

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  4. Yes, it seems like the "to-do's" for moms never ever end! Hang in there, F!

    Becky--the sticky notes are a great idea. Put one on the dashboard of your car, too, so you see it when you get into your car.

  5. Definitely a good idea to have encouraging reminders around the house. I have a sticky note that simply says "Anticipate" near my computer. It reminds me that God is working behind the scenes. :)

  6. That's a good word to live by, notes4neta. A lot of problems can be prevented when we anticipate.


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