Monday, September 12, 2011

"The days may seem long, but the years are short"

One of our MOPS mentors told me that years ago, when I had two toddlers at home. And indeed, some of the days did seem very long, between diapers, and nursing, and (very short!) naps, and more diapers, and interrupted sleep, and more nursing, and preparing meals, and baths, and more nursing...

But I was reminded of her words once again a few weeks ago, on Morgan's first day of her senior year. After I took the last, first-day-of-school picture, waved good-bye to her, sent up a prayer to God to protect her, and wiped away a few tears, I went through her old scrapbooks until I found the picture of her first, first-day-of-school (see the pictures below).

As I looked at the two pictures I felt a mix of emotions; a little bit of sadness that my "little girl" was soon going to leave to go to college and start her life; pride in the independent, thoughtful, God-loving young lady she's become; disbelief that she's gone from being a kindergartener to a senior in high-school in the blink of an eye...and overwhelming gratitude that God has given Tim and I such a blessing in Morgan.

This is such a bittersweet time for me...happiness and joy in Morgan's anticipation of "what comes next" along with a little tug in my heart every time she hugs me good-bye in the morning, knowing that next year she will be going to college and I won't be there to hug her every morning.

So, moms of young kids: Remember--"the days may seem long, but the years are short." Enjoy every stage with your children. Enjoy reading to them, discovering the wonders of nature with them, and cuddles in bed with them. As your children get older, you'll celebrate their independence in eating, going to the bathroom, and dressing themselves. Before you know it they'll be (gulp) driving and dating...and considering their options of what to do after high school. The hugs may become less frequent, but you'll still get them once in awhile!

I do not regret one moment that I spent with Cody and Morgan. I enjoyed each of the stages they went through (although I would not go back and repeat any stage)! And I look forward to the "stages" yet to come. May God bless every day you spend with your children.

Morgan's first, first day of school, with her first dog, Hershey

Morgan's last, first-day-of-school, with her dog Jenny. Yes, she's sitting on the same swing that's in the first picture! (It's almost time for a new porch swing.)

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