Friday, April 11, 2014

Just Five Minutes? Here are 25 Things You Can Accomplish

(adapted from Home is Where the Mom Is; A Christian Mom's Guide to Caring for Herself, Her Family and Her Home)

You're waiting for your kids to gather their homework and find their shoes. Or your husband is just finishing a phone call before you leave for an evening out. Or your kids are engrossed in the last few minutes of Dora the Explorer. Or your coffee is heating in the microwave. You probably have the niggling thought, "I should be doing something...but what?" 

Here are a few things you can accomplish when you just have a few minutes--you'll be surprised!

In your bedroom: 

  • Organize one dresser drawer.
  • Sort the stuff on your bedside table. 
  • Give your spouse a long hug and kiss.
  • Sort the laundry.
In the kitchen:
  • Clear out the dishwasher.
  • Discard the scary leftovers from the refrigerator.
  • Take inventory of the cupboards and start a grocery list.
  • Straighten one cupboard.
In the living room:
  • Straighten the DVDs
  • Pick everything up off the floor so you can quickly vacuum later (or make your kids do it!)
  • Give your spouse a back rub. 
  • Give your kids a hug and talk to them--no looking at the phone allowed!--about their day.
At your desk: 
  • Write a thank-you note or note of encouragement, or write a note in a birthday card.
  • Clear e-mails.
  • Sort through and file a few papers.
In the car:
  • Read a magazine article
  • Gather all the empty water bottles, miscellaneous scraps of paper, sippy cups, etc., etc., etc. 
  • Take a few breaths and just relax!
For your health:
  • Do a few stretches.
  • Find your exercise DVDs and choose one to do today or tomorrow.
  • Walk to the corner and back.
For your spirit:
  • Read the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds to the date; today read Proverbs 11. 
  • Pray.
  • Update your prayer list. Or start a prayer list!
  • Close your eyes and ask the Lord to speak to you. Listen. 
Make your own list of things you can do in 5 minutes. What will you do the next time you have five minutes to fill? 

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  1. Wonderful Ideas! We have so many choices of how to use each little five minutes all day. Just five minutes is worth using wisely.

  2. The time really is worth using, Marcy, but we have to be ready to use it. When I take advantage of those "just 5 minutes" during the day I'm amazed at how many little things I can accomplish. Thank you for commenting!


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