Thursday, April 26, 2012

A to Z Blogging "Every mom is a 'Working' Mom"

Every Mom is a ‘Working’ Mom!

By Shelly Burke, Editor of the Nebraska Family Times newspaper, and author of Home is Where the Mom Is; A Christian Moms Guide to Caring for Herself, Her Family, and Her Home

I cringe every time I hear the words “working mom.” Why? Because the term is usually used in the context of comparing moms who have a paying job that is outside of their home to moms who work at home or from home. Used in that way, the term implies moms who are at home with their kids are not working.

All at-home moms, and I think (hope!) moms who work outside of their homes realize that all moms are “working” moms.

I challenge all moms to begin using the terms “work outside my home” and “work at home (or from home).” And I challenge all moms to gently correct anyone who uses the term “working mom” by saying, “All moms are working moms. Some of us work outside our home for pay, some work from home for pay, and some work at home for the payment of hugs from our kids.”

If you, as an at-home mom are asked, “Do you work?” you can answer in several ways: “Yes, I work from home,” or, “Yes, I work at home as my home manager and I get to be with my kids full-time. My benefits are the best—hugs!”

If you want to make a point, list your jobs as an at-home mom: “I’m an at-home mom. I’m a cook, nutritionist, entertainment consultant, housekeeper, chauffer, sleep  specialist, secretary…and that’s just in the morning!”

May God bless all moms in their work of raising their children! 

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord.” Psalm 127:3

“Her children arise and call her blessed.” Proverbs 31:28, after listing all of the things that “the wife {mother} of noble character” does.

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