Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

When I saw this challenge ( I immediately knew I wanted to join!

I will be blogging every day – except Sunday (with the exception of today, since it’s April 1st) – throughout April. I will be posting on both of my blogs—Nebraska Family Times – and Home is Where the Mom Is –

Each day’s theme will correspond to the letter of that day; today, April 1st, the letter is “A” and the theme is “About the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.”

Tomorrow is “B” and the theme on the Nebraska Family Times blog will be “The Bible—My Favorite  Book.” The theme on the Home is Where the Mom Is blog will be “Bad Days—Surviving Them”.

Other days will feature devotions I’ve written, devotions by other authors, excerpts from my book Home is Where the Mom Is; A Christian Mom’s Guide to Caring for Herself, Her Family, and Her Home, links to my favorite websites and blogs, and more! Be sure to check in on “Freebie Fridays” where your comments might get you—you guessed it!—a freebie!

“Like” the Nebraska Family Times and Home is Where the Mom Is Facebook pages, or sign up to “follow” each blog and you’ll receive notification when the blog entries are posted!

Part 2 of the “A” theme: “A few of my favorite blogs—check them out!”

See you tomorrow! 


  1. Hello from a fellow a to z blogger! Good luck. ;)
    Very nice blog too.

    1. Thanks, Heather! You have a fun blog; I really laughed at the card you designed!

  2. Hi!! :) I am blog hopping from A to Z. You have a great blog!!!

  3. Hi Shelly, thanks for your favorite blogs list!

  4. Hey! I think this is a great idea to get the blog juices flowing! I would do it with you but I am going to Hawaii in 5 days! Whoo hoo! Looking forward to reading all of your posts.

    1. Hi Lynnie--sorry you can't join us this year but here's the link, so maybe you can next time: You can also go to that link and see the other blogs that are doing the challenge, and check them out! Have a great trip to Hawaii!


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